University of Wisconsin–Madison

Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus Award

This award is conferred upon an alumna or alumnus of the Information School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in recognition of outstanding leadership and accomplishment in library service.

Nominate an Alumna or Alumnus

Information School alumni and other individuals with an interest in the iSchool may submit a nomination for the award. 

Nomination Deadline:   January 7, 2021 

In making the award, the jury will consider such activities or accomplishments as the following:

  • community betterment through broadened scope and quality service;
  • contribution to any area of services benefiting library users or members of the library community;
  • distinguished service to the profession;
  • outstanding participation in activities of professional library associations;
  • notable publications and productions;
  • leadership in education and in-service training for librarians;
  • extension of library services through cooperation;
  • improvement in library techniques or management;
  • development of library facilities;
  • service to UW-Madison iSchool and/or its Alumni Association.

To Submit a Nomination:
(1) Nominators must complete the google nomination form.
(2) As part of completing the nomination form, the nominator must upload a PDF file of the entire nomination packet, which should include the following:
    (a) The nominator’s letter of nomination(recommendation)
    (b)  A current copy of the nominee’s CV or resume
    (c) 2-3 additional letters of recommendation supporting the nomination.  (Please do not submit more than 3 additional letters of recommendation.) 

Timeline for Determining the iSchool’s 2022 Distinguished Alumna/us:
Nominations will be reviewed during the remainder of January 2022.  It is anticipated that the nominee selected and their nominator will be notified in early February 2022. 

Questions can be sent to Tanya Hendricks Cobb  at:


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