Distinguished Alumna/Alumnus Award

This award is conferred upon an alumna or alumnus of the Information School at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in recognition of outstanding leadership and accomplishment in library service.

Nominate an Alumna or Alumnus

Information School alumni and other individuals with an interest in the iSchool may submit a nomination for the award. 

Nomination Deadline:   March 10, 2023 

In making the award, the jury will consider such activities or accomplishments as the following:

  • community betterment through broadened scope and quality service;
  • contribution to any area of services benefiting library users or members of the library community;
  • distinguished service to the profession;
  • outstanding participation in activities of professional library associations;
  • notable publications and productions;
  • leadership in education and in-service training for librarians;
  • extension of library services through cooperation;
  • improvement in library techniques or management;
  • development of library facilities;
  • service to UW-Madison iSchool and/or its Alumni Association.

To Submit a Nomination:
(1) Nominators must complete the nomination form.
(2) As part of completing the nomination form, the nominator must upload a PDF file of the entire nomination packet, which should include the following:
    (a) The nominator’s letter of nomination(recommendation)
    (b)  A current copy of the nominee’s CV or resume
    (c) 2-3 additional letters of recommendation supporting the nomination.  (Please do not submit more than 3 additional letters of recommendation.) 

Timeline for Determining the iSchool’s 2023 Distinguished Alumna/us:
Nominations will be reviewed during the remainder of  March 2023.  It is anticipated that the nominee selected and their nominator will be notified in late March/Early April 2023. 

Questions can be sent to Tanya Hendricks Cobb  at: tcobb@wisc.edu.


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