University of Wisconsin–Madison

Alumni Profile: April Rodriguez (MA’15)

April Rodriguez

April Rodriguez (MA ’15) is a Film Archivist at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Archive Collections. She says the most rewarding aspect of her job is that she’s doing exactly what she’s been setting herself up to do all these years, which is to work with audiovisual collections in order to preserve the story.

Looking back at her time in the iSchool, April sought out every opportunity to pick up hands-on experience pertaining to her field which she says are plentiful here at UW-Madison. While the iSchool afforded her the opportunity to come out ready to be a competitive candidate, April points out that today’s job descriptions require more than just a degree. To add to her knowledge base, April took advantage of the Division of Information Technology (DoIT) courses and the school’s subscription to As far as advice for current students, April recommends asking lots of questions, seeking out opportunities to get hands-on skills, conducting informational interviews with people in positions you aspire to hold, and finally, if you can, to try and find a mentor.

When asked if working for the Academy is as glamorous as one may imagine, Aprils says “to me glamorous has meant the opportunity to see a nitrate print of Casablanca projected, hear in-person from cast and crew about their projects, watching film being projected every week, and handling film every day.”