University of Wisconsin–Madison

IMLS Grant Awarded to Dorothea Salo


Instructor Dorothea Salo (MA’05) has been awarded a grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS) to build, document, and test two portable, shippable equipment kits, one to digitize at-risk audio and video formats commonly held in cultural heritage institutions, and the other to perform data rescue from common obsolete digital storage media. The kits will be used by institutions without in-house equipment, as well as to provide hands-on experience to online LIS students. The project will produce detailed written and video documentation on building and using the kits to allow other institutions to replicate the model. The kits and documentation will be tested at UW’s School of Library and Information Studies, as well as with partner organizations across Wisconsin.

Students and staff members at the iSchool have contributed to Salo’s data rescue efforts and, with this IMLS-funded project, even more people will benefit from their work.

Congratulations, Dorothea!