Instructor Profile: Kelsey Johnson-Kaiser

Kelsey Johnson Kaiser with her familyKelsey Johnson-Kaiser (MA’13) has always been excited about youth services. Now the Youth & Family Services Manager at St. Paul Public Library, Johnson-Kaiser’s interest in teaching was piqued when she was asked to teach an iSchool course that expanded on topics from a conference presentation. “I’ve had excellent mentors and opportunities to learn and grow, and don’t want to keep those opportunities to myself,” she said. Her favorite part of being an instructor? Interacting with people from many different libraries—and gaining perspective on the joys and challenges of librarianship along the way. “I used to worry that if I didn’t have the answers or the best ideas, it meant that I wasn’t doing a good job or proving myself (some real impostor syndrome there),” she said. “I’ve since learned that listening, asking questions, and staying curious are hallmarks of a supportive leader.” For new alumni & LIS professionals, Johnson-Kaiser has this advice: “Approach your work with humility while recognizing that you can use your strengths to benefit your community.”