University of Wisconsin–Madison

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) – Duo is coming!

What is MFA? It’s a security enhancement that requires you to provide two pieces of evidence to log in. You’ve probably already used it if you’ve ever used:

  • an ATM with a PIN (personal ID number)
  • any website that sent a code to your phone before you got access to your account

University of Wisconsin-Madison is joining the rest of the Big Ten universities in requiring MFA. This means the UW-Madison is requiring all students to enroll with MFA-Duo by October 31, 2019. 

Students who do not enroll will be unable to access UW-Madison online data & services, including:

  • Canvas course websites,
  • email,
  • MyUW,
  • library resources, and more.

MFA-Duo works through an app you install on a personal device (typically your mobile phone or tablet), or through a physical device called a fob.

Visit this page: Prove It’s You! Multi-Factor Authentication for Students for complete information and a helpful video showing you how to register for and use Duo, whether you choose to use the app or the fob.  There is a very useful FAQ here.

ONLINE STUDENTS: Students wishing to use the fob option who are distant from the UW-Madison campus can contact the DoIT Help Desk (phone, email, chat) and a fob will be mailed to you.

The DoIT Help Desk is also your resource if you need help with any of this!