University of Wisconsin–Madison

Practicum Experience: Kristen Huset

All iSchool students in the MA program complete a 120-hour practicum experience in a professional setting. We interviewed students in the summer session to learn more about their work.

Kristen Huset with Delft tiles

Kristen Huset is working on a preservation assessment of American Institute of the History of Pharmacy’s A/V materials for her practicum experience. Located in UW-Madison’s School of Pharmacy (UWSoP), the American Institute of the History of Pharmacy cares for and shares an extensive collection of pharmacy-related materials. In addition to preservation work, Kristen is photographing and creating metadata for a collection of reproduction apothecary-themed Delft tiles, as well as curating and digitizing a selection of the UWSoP’s photography collection.

The practicum compliments Kristen’s hands-on learning style and the opportunity to apply skills learned in the classroom has been invaluable.“I took the preservation class last Spring and learned a lot about A/V materials, but touching, smelling, and handling everything has been such a great experience and builds on the classroom experience exponentially.”