University of Wisconsin–Madison

Catherine Arnott Smith

Professor; Discovery Fellow, Virtual Environments Group, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

(608) 890-1334

4230 Helen C. White Hall
600 N Park St, Madison, WI 53706

Catherine Arnott Smith: Associate Professor


AMLS (Library Science), University of Michigan, 1992
M.A. (American History/Administration of Archives), University of Michigan, 1992
MS (Information Science/Medical Informatics), University of Pittsburgh, 2000
PhD (Library & Information Science/Medical Informatics), University of Pittsburgh, 2002

Research Interests:

Research fields – Consumer health informatics, History of medicine (American Progressive Era)

Methods and methodologies – Interviews, focus groups; Qualitative analysis; content analysis; Propositional analysis; Knowledge representation and taxonomy development

Theories – Personal Health Information Management (PHIM; biomedical engineering)

Areas of interest – Clinical information systems, particularly consumer- and patient-facing; Consumer health vocabulary; Personal health information management by college students living with disabilities; Health information provision in public libraries, archives and other nonclinical spaces

Classes taught:

LIS 602 Information Organization & Search
517 Digital Health
LIS 202 Information Divides and Differences in a Multicultural Society

Recent Publications:

Keselman, A., Smith, C.A., Murcko, A.C., & Kaufman, D.R. (In press). Evaluating the quality of health information in a changing digital ecosystem. Journal of Medical Internet Research.

Smith, C.A. (2017). Deconstructing the VISA: Academic accommodations and self-disclosure. Proceedings from the Document Academy: 4(2). Available at:

Smith, CA, Casper, G, & He, Y. (2017). Personal health information management in the virtual home: A new taxonomy for a new perspective. American Medical Informatics Association, November 5-8, 2017, Washington, D.C.

Smith, C.A. (2015). Medical information for the consumer before the World Wide Web. In C.A. Smith & A. Keselman, (Eds.) (2015). Meeting health information needs outside of healthcare: Opportunities and challenges. Oxford: Chandos/Elsevier.