University of Wisconsin–Madison

Alan Rubel

Associate Professor & Director; advisor, dual degree program with Law


4259 Helen C. White Hall
600 N Park St, Madison, WI 53706

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Alan Rubel


J.D. University of Wisconsin Law School 2003
Ph.D., Philosophy, University of Wisconsin-Madison 2006

Research Interests:

Research fields – Information ethics, policy, and law

Areas of interest – Information privacy and security, surveillance, algorithmic decision-making, bioethics

Classes taught:

LIS 461: Data and Algorithms: Ethics and Policy
LIS 460 / Legal Studies 460: Surveillance, Privacy, and Police Powers
Legal Studies 450: Jurisprudence and Contemporary Issues
LIS 661: Information Ethics and Policy

Recent Publications:

Alan Rubel, Clinton Castro, and Adam Pham. “Algorithms, Agency, and Respect for Persons.” Social Theory & Practice 43(3) (2020): 547–72.

Alan Rubel and Kyle Jones, “The Temptation of Data-Enabled Surveillance: Are Universities the Next Cautionary Tale?” Communications of the Association of Computing Machinery (CACM) 63(4) (2020): 22–24.

Alan Rubel, Clinton Castro, and Adam Pham. “Agency Laundering and Information Technologies.” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 22 (2019): 1017–41

Alan Rubel, Privacy, Ethics, and Institutional Research. New Directions for Institutional Research (2019): 5-16.

Clinton Castro, Adam Pham, and Alan Rubel, “Epistemic Paternalism Online,” forthcoming in in A. Bernal and G. Axtell (Eds.), Epistemic Paternalism Reconsidered (Rowman & Littlefield) (2020)