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Student Group Feature: ALA-Student Chapter

Student Group Feature

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Describe ALA-SC (American Library Association-Student Chapter).

ALA-SC strives to bring the benefits of being a part of the American Library Association – the largest library association in the world – to campus! We offer networking opportunities, career and educational workshops, and social events, as well as funding for scholarships.

How big is the group?

We have a small, close-knit group of regulars! We meet approximately twice a week at varying times and locations, and are able to accommodate distance students via Google Meet (as well as any on-campus students who’d rather participate in meetings from home).

How does ALA-SC work to prepare members for future careers in libraries, archives, or other institutions?

ALA-SC offers career workshops such as help with resumes and coverletters, headshots, and also educational opportunities such as ALA Advocacy bootcamps, involvement with Library Legislative Day, and much more, depending on what it is our current group of students wants to see.

Who are the organization’s leaders?

Allison Kaplan – Faculty Advisor

Kaylee McDonald – President (and Secretary as we work to find a new one)

Bailey Anderson – Social Media Coordinator

Alee Hill – Treasurer

Celia Egghart – Events Coordinator

Jessica Madey – Conferences Coordinator

How can the iSchool community stay in touch with ALA-SC?