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Student Group Feature: REFORMA

Student Group Feature

Take some time to check out our wonderful iSchool organizations to learn more about how our students are becoming better scholars and community members. Every two weeks we will be profiling a new student group so you can see how they contribute to the iSchool, prepare for their future careers, and have fun! Read the features and find out how you can support groups and participate.


Describe your student organization.

UW-Madison’s student chapter of REFORMA aims to support and understand Latinx populations, especially within the context of libraries. We hope to not only attract members of the Latinx population to the profession of librarianship, but also to help librarians understand the impact that they can have on underrepresented and often underserved populations. We plan events for professional development, networking, and social events.

How big is your group? How often do you meet and where?

Our group is relatively small and we meet once per month to discuss upcoming events.

How does your group work to prepare members for future careers in libraries, archives, or other institutions?

By challenging our members to think about the ways that libraries can better serve Latinx folks, as well as providing opportunities for professional growth. As an example, we are planning a Spanish for Librarians language lab in November so that iSchool students can better serve patrons who may not speak English comfortably.

Who are your organization’s leaders?

Benjamin Marquez: Faculty Adviser

Bailey Anderson: President & Social Media Coordinator

Victoria Findlay: Vice President & Treasurer

How can the iSchool community stay in touch with REFORMA?

Facebook: @ReformaUWMadison