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The iSchool supports Asian and APIDA communities

Dear iSchool family,

We write to share our grief for the loss of the eight people murdered Tuesday in Atlanta. While we do not yet know all of the details, reports indicate that people were targeted for violence based on their perceived race and gender. Six of those killed were of Asian descent and seven were women. This tragedy highlights an escalating pattern of anti-Asian hate crimes that we have seen in our country over the past year. There is never justification for such violence. We must condemn this violence and the hate that motivates it unequivocally and with one voice.

Should you or anyone you know experience an incident of hate or bias, please file a Bias Incident Report with the Dean of Students Office. Please know that the iSchool is here to support you. In addition, the University has a number of resources that offer support. We encourage you to seek support and community in ways that feel right to you:

  • DDEEA holds a monthly affinity group space for faculty and staff members of the campus APIDA community and welcomes all who identify with the community to join the group on April 8 at 2 pm CT.  To register:

 Other Resources

o   AAPI COVID-19 :

See also: Statement by L&S Dean Eric Wilcots, and Statement of solidarity by Interim Chief Diversity Officer Cheryl Gittens and Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Lori Reesor.

In solidarity,

K.-Sun Kim

Professor and Director, Information School