University of Wisconsin–Madison

Welcome to the Information School

The Information School, or “iSchool” is the new name of the UW-Madison academic department known as the School of Library and Information Studies.  On July 1, 2017, the University of Wisconsin-Madison formally recognized the School’s changed name.  

The new name is the outcome of a two year collaboration of faculty, staff, stakeholders and community members.  The change reflects the broadening of the school’s educational programs to include:

  • The graduate capstone certificate in User Experience Design “Mad UX” in collaboration with Computer Science.
  • Development of a capstone certificate in Analytics for Decision Making (planned start in 2018).
  • Planned development of a careers oriented undergraduate minor in Information Studies.
  • Planning for a second professional MS in Information.

The school was founded in 1895 and joined the University of Wisconsin campus in the 1930’s. The faculty and staff chose the new name in part because “University of Wisconsin-Madison Information School” echoes the School’s original 1895 name:  “Wisconsin Library School.”

As a professional school, the iSchool prepares graduate students in five concentration areas:

  • Librarianship
  • Archives
  • UX and Information Technology
  • Data/Information Management and Analytics
  • Organization of Information


iSchool faculty also teach in the Digital Studies undergraduate certificate, currently the 3rd most popular undergraduate certificate on campus. Courses include: LIS 201 the Information Society, LIS 202 Digital Divides and Differences, LIS 351 Introduction to Digital Information and LIS 500 Code and Power.


Throughout changes, the iSchool has retained its essential values: academic rigor, a commitment to the public good and community engagement, and a resolution to prepare students to be leaders and innovators. iSchool graduates excel in connecting people, information and technology for the public good.  While expanding curricula into emerging areas, the school will continue to provide academically rigorous preparation for librarians and archivists, and it will sustain an American Library Associated accredited Master of Library and Information Studies program.


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