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PhD Student Profile: Yaxuan Yin

Get to know the iSchool’s ten new PhD students! They will be featured throughout the Fall 2021 semester.

Yaxuan YinYaxuan Yin

Research areas: HCI (human-computer interaction), Social Computing, Spatial Computing

Advisor: Jacob Thebault-Spieker

What is your home country?


How did you become interested in the field of information?

I studied Information Management as an undergrad. After I obtained a master’s degree in Data Science from NYU, I realized data science is just a tool to be leveraged in multiple areas. Combining my master’s degree with my undergrad studies, I could explore and share some of the principles and ideas about the interaction between a computer and the user.

How does the iSchool complement your research area/interests?

The iSchool offers students supportive resources and a group of faculty who can help me develop soft skills, expertise in my domain, and basic knowledge about a wide range of topics. Research on campus is new, interesting, and relevant to practice.

What are you excited to explore in Madison?

I’m excited to explore more outdoor activities – kayaking in the summer and skiing in the winter.