University of Wisconsin–Madison

Back in Circulation Again Conference

Back in Circulation Again: A conference for managers and staff in access and circulation services

October 3-4, 2022

Madison, WI

At this time, the conference is planned as an in-person event.
Safety and public health are our primary concerns and the conference may switch to a virtual event, if necessary.

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Dates: Oct 3-4, 2022

Place: Pyle Center, 702 Langdon St. Madison, WI

Conference Fee: $300
Optional Pyle Center lunch: $20; or choose a nearby restaurant

Keynote Presentation: Intentional Leadership with Deborah Biddle

Good intentions aren’t enough. Busyness and results do not necessarily equate to effectiveness. Effective leadership requires intentionality from managers.

This keynote talk will explore the following principles for becoming intentional leaders:

  • Be focused and disciplined.
  • Keep moving forward. Everyone will not support your vision and direction.
  • Say “no” to good ideas to create space to say “yes” to great ideas.
  • Resist the pull away from intentionality and stand firm against the expectations of others.
  • Clearly define goals and objectives.

With a calm, level-headed approach, keen listening, insightful questioning, and a passion for individual and organizational belonging and thriving, Deborah Biddle influences individuals and teams to successfully rethink and redo the ways they engage with people and make decisions.

Deborah is an Inclusion Institute Certified Diversity Practitioner, Inclusion Institute Certified Diversity Practitioner, National Diversity Council Certified Diversity Professional, Intercultural Diversity Inventory Qualified Administrator, Certified Talent Management Consultant, and a sought after Trainer and Speaker. She leads the diversity, equity and inclusion consulting, assessment, training, coaching and practitioner certification firm, The People Company LLC. Deborah works with organizations that want to leverage the power of change to heighten development and performance for their people. She designs and delivers thought-provoking and challenging experiences that help people THINK better, DO better and BE better at what matters most.

Join our community

Back in Circulation Again is more than just a conference, it’s a community of energetic practitioners seeking to serve their communities in the best way possible. From the big picture to everyday procedures, you’ll attend sessions that refresh your perspective and lead to meaningful improvements. People working in public and academic libraries all over North American attend the conference.

What past attendees have said about Back in Circulation

I thought the conference was great! All of the sessions I attended had practical information I could use and take back with me.

Keep doing what you’re doing! This conference is consistently outstanding.

This is one of my favorite conferences. I really enjoy talking to people from all over the country.