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Lead the Way Registration

Register online

*If you need to register with a check by mail, please use this registration form. The program number is 303021. Our registration team is working remotely into the fall, and processing time for your registration may be delayed.

Individuals registered for the conference should have received an email containing access details during the week of Nov. 9 from Meredith Lowe. If you did not receive this email and you are registered, email for assistance.

Registrations are set on a sliding scale, based on income. The full registration fee is $225, with numerous fee reductions available. We are not asking for proof of status or income.

The post-conference workshop fee is $50, with no fee reductions.

Fee Structure:

  • $225 (full price): Please use this fee if you are making over $45K annually.
  • $168.75 (25% off): Please use this fee if you are making between $35-45K annually.
  • $112.50 (50% off): Please use this fee if you are making between $25-35K annually
  • $56.25 (75% off): Available to those making $25K or less
  • $0 (Free registration): Available to students (regardless of their employment status) or persons currently unemployed.

In order to receive the fee reductions, please use the following discount codes at checkout when you register online:

  • $225 (full price): no discount code
  • $168.75 (25% off): 25LTW
  • $112.50 (50% off): 50LTW
  • $56.25 (75% off): 75LTW
  • $0 (Free registration): FREELTW


Questions? Please contact Meredith Lowe or Anna Palmer.