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Introduction to Usability

Is your website as easy to use as it should be? Do you want to learn how to create a more enjoyable web experience for your visitors? In this six-week course you’ll learn intermediate-level principles, methods and tools for evaluating your organization’s website for usability–and recommending key improvements. Each week, we’ll cover a different principle of usability. During that week, students will evaluate their site based on the criteria covered in that week’s lesson and readings.

Participants will come away not only with a working knowledge of the factors that contribute to (or detract from) a website’s usability, but also with a Usability Evaluation of the website of your choice.

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When: TBD
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Cost: $450  (10% discount up until Oct 20!)
Credit: 2.0 CEUs/20 LEUs
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Course details


  • Why (and how) Companies and Organizations Should Adopt a UX-Friendly Process
  • Developing Audience Personas
  • Aligning Organizational Goals & Objectives with Website Objectives
  • Usability and Findability
  • Calls-To-Action & Information Hierarchy

Note: The course will focus on evaluating a website, but students may choose a web-based application or mobile application to review.


Before the course begins, participants should select which website (or web-based application) they will be reviewing. Students should have access to Google Chrome Extensions, and should have View Access for Google Analytics (or other analytics platform) for the site they are evaluating.


  • Read/watch weekly assignments
  • Participate in online discussions by posting at least once per week and answering another student’s question at least once per week
  • Complete a Website Usability Evaluation that builds through weekly assignments

Using the tools covered, participants will apply the usability principle learned each week toward evaluating the website of their choice. The final project will be a culmination of each of these principles in a professional Usability Evaluation. Students will help one another come up with recommendations for improving their website based on usability criteria.


Claire Lempke is a Senior UX Designer at KW2 where she applies a background in conversion optimization to patterns of usability, information architecture and overall user experience. She focuses on long-tail and complex projects for public health initiatives and continuing education organizations. She has a B.A. in Strategic Communication from UW-Madison.