NEW! Licensing Digital Content: Vendors, Contracts, and Library Users

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, librarians around the world have been required to re-evaluate how they make resources available to their users. Libraries have needed to be flexible and resilient while balancing delicate issues relating to user needs and potential access limitations caused by technology or vendor agreement restrictions. Understanding licensing details about who gets access and what users can do with content, especially from outside the library, is an increasingly important skill for librarians across the organization.

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When: Jun 20 – Aug 14, 2022

Cost: $325 (Register 2 weeks early for 10% off)

CE Credit: 2.6 CEUs/26 LEUs

Program: #302323

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Participants in this class will:

  • Understand the digital content and electronic resources licensing ecosystem, including vendor business models and content types, contracts and contract negotiations, and implications for service delivery and e-resource management
  • Identify the current best practices of licensing and how to read, review and understand an agreement
  • Evaluate differences in terms and licensing agreements for different content types
  • Develop skills and strategies for license negotiation


Jeremy McLaughlin is a PhD student at UW-Madison’s Information School and has previously held positions at ProQuest.