NEW! Navigating Book and Program Challenges for Public Libraries

In the current climate, public library materials, programs, and displays are being challenged not only by community members, but sometimes by a concerted effort among groups who live outside of your region.   

Regardless of who is challenging your selections and programming, being prepared will help ease the process for you, your staff, and your Board.   

In this class, you will learn more about recent challenges, how to prepare your staff and Board to respond effectively, and how to create policies that protect your library from those who seek to undermine each patron’s freedom to read. 

At a glance

When: Mar 20 – Apr 30, 2023 (6 weeks)

Where: Online & Asynchronous (see more info)

Cost: $250 (Register 2 weeks early for 10% off)

CE Credit: 2.0 CEUs/20 LEUs

Program: 305523

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Please use the online registration option if possible. If you need to make alternate arrangements, email ce-info@ischool.wisc.eduAlternate registration options may result in delays.

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Course Details


  • Library materials challenges then and now 
  • How challenges affect programming, displays, outreach, and more 
  • Policy development 
  • Training staff and preparing Board members 
  • Responding to challenges 
  • Rallying advocates 
  • Talking to the media 
  • Avoiding soft-censorship in selection or weeding   
  • What to do after a challenge 

Your pass/ fail grade is dependent upon your participation in weekly readings and online discussion as well as the completion of a final project you can use in your library. 

Dawn Wacek is the Deputy Director at La Crosse Public Library.  In the 20 years she has worked in libraries, she has faced challenges to materials, programs, displays and outreach events.