University of Wisconsin–Madison

Online Software Courses


Courses run for six weeks and you may begin a course in any month. Check the full course descriptions for exact dates.


There is no required meeting time. You may work on the course at your convenience.

In cooperation with a national network of educational institutions, we are offering a selection of online courses on computer programs and applications (with a few non-technical topics, as well). While these courses do not have a library focus, we feel they will be useful to anyone who needs to develop these specific skills.

The courses are not tutorials; they are facilitated by qualified instructors who will respond to your questions and concerns along the way.

Course Departments

Computer Applications Technology
Database Management Accounting and Finance
Business Personal Development
Writing and Publishing Teaching
Language and Arts Business

Find course descriptions by searching here.

To Enroll

Find your course’s description and click on ENROLL NOW to choose course dates and pay online with a credit card.

To Participate

First, complete the required online orientation. Next, login to the course to view the lessons. You will be granted access to two lessons each week. Each lesson has a short quiz. You are expected to complete each lesson within ten days of reading the lesson. Some lessons will also be accompanied by an assignment. If you need help with a lesson, post your question to the course discussion and your instructor or fellow student will respond.


Visit the FAQs or contact Anna Palmer.