University of Wisconsin–Madison

Accessibility Information

Physical Access

The Pyle Center is our conference facility. Most of our conference activities will take place on the third floor, which is accessible by elevator. There is a ramp-accessible front entrance to the building, and the elevator is just to the right of the front information desk when you enter. Our lunch on Thursday will be back on the first floor, which is accessible by elevator as well. One of the rooms that we are using for the concurrent sessions on both days is room 335, which is amphitheater style with steps up to the upper levels, but you will be able to find a stair-free seat in that room. There are accessible restrooms located on each floor.

There is a pre-conference happy hour on Wednesday night at Camp Trippalindee, which is a restaurant and bar at the top of the Graduate Hotel at 601 Langdon Street. The hotel is located at the corner of Langdon and Frances streets. The best option to get to Camp Trippalindee is to use the express elevator which is accessible on Frances Street, but the elevator in the Graduate Hotel lobby (Langdon street entrance) also provides access to the restaurant.

Our Thursday evening reception is at the Madison Public Library. The library is about a 10 minute walk away from the Pyle Center. An email will go out to attendees a few weeks before the conference to start coordinating rides to the reception for people who plan to attend the reception and need a ride. Chairs will be available at the reception. The library building’s floors are all accessible. One thing to consider is that rides will be provided to the reception from the Pyle Center, but attendees will need to make their own arrangements for rides leaving the reception. A list of local cab companies will be provided.

Regarding lodging choices: If you have specific lodging needs, each hotel has accessible rooms and parking available. Please call the hotels directly to make any arrangements. If you make a reservation by phone, please mention that you are part of the Power Up conference reservation block. All hotels are listed here. Please note, only two hotels offer a shuttle service: DoubleTree; and The Graduate Hotel.

If an accessible transportation option is needed, Union Cab (608) 242-2000 has accessible taxis that are designed for users of wheelchairs or other mobility devices. Union Cab appreciates advanced notice if a customer needs an accessible taxi, particularly in very late or very early hours of the day. For public transportation options, Madison Metro Bus has accessibility information on their website. Bus fares must be purchased with exact change. Base fare is $2, or a 1-day pass may be purchased on the bus for $5.

Hearing and Vision Access

Each conference room is equipped with microphones, and the speakers are required to use microphones during their presentations. If an attendee requires sign language interpretation services, please contact Meredith Lowe as soon as possible.

If you require vision assistance, please contact Meredith Lowe as soon as possible to discuss options.

Service Animals

Per University of Wisconsin – Madison policy, service animals are welcomed at all university programs and facilities. Service animals are also allowed at the reception space at the Madison Public Library and the happy hour space at Camp Trippalindee.

Dietary Needs and Allergies

There is a space on the registration form to indicate any dietary needs or food allergies. For all conference-related meals and snacks, the Pyle Center catering team will ensure that you will have a meal that meets your needs. The reception at Madison Public Library will also have options that accommodate dietary restrictions. If you have any specific questions or concerns, please contact Meredith Lowe.

Gender-neutral Restrooms

Conference attendees are welcome to choose any restroom in which they feel most comfortable. A gender-neutral restroom will be available at the conference facility. Most of the conference activities will be taking place on the third floor of the Pyle Center, and the gender-neutral restroom will be on that floor along with men’s and women’s restrooms. The gender-neutral restroom is multi-stall. More information about locations of gender-neutral restrooms on the UW-Madison campus is here.

Pumping Room

There is a designated private space to pump at the Pyle Center. The pumping room is a separate, lockable room within the 3rd floor women’s restroom room (the women’s restroom closest to the main staircase). The room is equipped with a chair, table, and outlet. The key is available at the front desk of the Pyle Center. Contact Tammy Blankenheim at 608-262-1122 with any questions.