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Introduction to Web Archiving

Much of what we write, create, and document now exists exclusively on the web, and web archiving — the process of collecting, preserving, and providing access to web materials — is what enables individuals to build and maintain collections of these at-risk resources. Web archiving ensures that future information professionals, researchers, and library patrons will have access to vital information — government documents and statistics, news articles, course bulletins, and more — from the current web years from now. Meant for beginners, this course will teach students the mechanics of web archiving and its relation to familiar concepts, like collection building and appraisal, access and use, and ethics. Students in this course will also have the chance to complete hands-on work with web archiving tools like Archive-It and, readying them to take on the challenge of web archiving in current and future workplaces.

At a glance

When: Sept 19 – Oct 30, 2022

Where: Online

Cost: $250 (10% discount if you register 2 weeks in advance)

CE Credit: 2.0 CEUs / 20 LEUs

Program: #304123

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Course details


  • The (short) history of web archiving;
  • Web archiving terminology and definitions (like crawler and seed);
  • Current web collecting efforts;
  • Making the case for web archiving at your institution;
  • Writing collection policies that include web archiving;
  • Accessing web collections;
  • Describing web collections;
  • The Right to Be Forgotten — or, the ethics of web archiving;
  • Using Archive-It to build web collections;
  • Using to build web collections;

Expectations: Your Pass / Fail grade is based on watching short weekly lectures, completing readings and hands-on assignments (like crafting a short collection policy, or creating a test collection using Archive-It or, and discussing weekly topics with your classmates and instructor. No previous experience or familiarity with web archiving is required.

Instructor: Samantha Abrams was formerly the Head of Collections at the Center for Research Libraries. Previously, she was the Web Resources Collection Librarian for Ivy Plus Libraries, stationed at Columbia University in the City of New York, where she worked with librarians to create accessible, thematic collections of at-risk web content. Before Ivy Plus Libraries, Samantha worked at StoryCorps, where she managed the organization’s digital and physical assets, including born-digital audio and photos, physical paperwork, and electronic databases. Samantha has additional experience working in public libraries, publishing, and as a corporate archivist for the fast-casual restaurant chain Culver’s. She holds a Master’s degree in Library and Information Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and a Bachelor’s degree in English and Creative Writing from the University of Iowa.