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Congratulations! Your time in the Information School is ending, and your professional career is beginning!

Ceremonies & Celebrations

We at the iSchool celebrate your accomplishments each spring in May at the iSchool graduation ceremony and reception that follows. Should you graduate the December prior to the May ceremony, or the following August, you are welcome to walk in the May iSchool graduation ceremony. At the iSchool ceremony, each student is invited to cross the stage to receive their credentials.

Note:  Due to COVID -19, all ceremonies will take place virtually this spring, 2020.

iSchool Graduation Ceremony:
To view the current date, time & details for the iSchool graduation ceremony and reception, please see the events calendar and view the May listings.
Do you have questions about graduation? You may find the answer at iSchool Graduation Ceremony FAQ.

Campus Graduation Ceremony:
In addition to the iSchool ceremony and reception, students are eligible to participate in the UW‑Madison campus-wide graduation ceremony. This is typically held on a different day. More information about the campus-wide ceremony is available here.


Campus Technology and  Library Resources

Email Access

UW-Madison now allows graduates to keep their wisc email accounts. We encourage you to continue using this email account, but if you prefer to give the iSchool a different email to use for future communications (such as the annual employment survey, then please fill out this survey:

Net ID Access

You keep your Net Id too!  YOu need your Net Id and password to access the Career Services Toolkit, so we encourage you to hold on to this information in addition to your 10 digit Campus ID number.  If you ever need assistance retrieving it, you can contact the DoIT Help Desk.

Other Campus Software/Systems Access

Please see the following DoIT Guide to see which other applications you will keep and which ones will expire upon graduation.

Library Circulation and Database Access

Graduating students will have circulation privileges and database access through September 15th. You can find that information on the Remote Library Services page under “Physical Collections” –


Career Services After Graduation


Graduates continue to have access to the Career Services Toolkit and are free to make a career appointment with the Student & Alumni Services Coordinator Tanya Hendricks Cobb.  Once you are no longer able to request an appointment directly on her 365 Outlook calendar, feel free to email her at, and provide 2-3 dates and times that would work to meet.


As a graduate from the College of Letters & Science, you are able to meet with Career Advisors at Success Works for up to a year from your Graduation Date.  Success works offers a range of career services, including: cover letter and resume review and  interview prep.

The Wisconsin Alumni Association offers multiple resources for Badger grads, including Badger Bridge, a UW-Madison Alumni network to support you in your next career steps.

The Office of Career & Education Planning, in the Division of Continuing Studies, offers a range of career services to anyone in the Madison area, and  the staff have worked with many UW-Madison Alumni.

Diplomas and Final Transcripts

Graduates typically receive their paper diplomas in the mail  four weeks after graduation.  Diplomas will be mailed to the “diploma address”  that graduates have listed in their student center. (MyUW > Student Center > Profile > Addresses)  For more information about print and certified electronic copies of your diploma see:

Information  about unofficial and official transcripts can be found at:

Things to Do Before You Graduate

  1. Let UW-Madison know that you plan to graduate in your Student Center
  2. Respond to emails from the iSchool with instructions on the steps you need to take to graduate.  (Contact Dennis Choi, Student Enrollment & Data Coordinator for more information. 
  3. Update your Diploma Address in your Student Center
  4. Order Cap & Gown, if you plan to attend the Campus graduation ceremony.
  5. Transition your school data before you graduate (See guide above under “Campus Technology/Resources”.)
  6. Provide your future email address to the iSchool
  7. Set up your Alumni Profile and access alumni resources at: