University of Wisconsin–Madison

MA Program Requirements

Starting in the Fall of 2022, the iSchool curriculum is 36-credits. Follow the link below to be taken to an overview of the 36 credit curriculum.

Link to the 36-credit curriculum

For students who began the MA program prior to the Fall of 2022, and who did not choose to switch, the iSchool MA curriculum is 39 credits. Requirements include: 3 core courses, a minimum of one technology course and one management course, a field experience, and the Program Level Learning Outcomes (PLO) Assessment. Scroll down for an overview of the 39-credit curriculum.

Tier One: Required courses for all MA students

All students will take the following three courses:

  • 601 Information: Perspectives and Contexts
  • 602 Information: Organization and Search
  • 603 Research and Assessment for Information Professionals

Tier M (Management)

All MA students must complete at least one Tier M course for a minimum of 3 credits. Taking more management courses is recommended.

  • 654: Information Services Management
  • 712: Public Library Administration
  • 722: College & University Libraries

Tier T (Technology)

All MA students must complete at least one Tier T course for a minimum of 3 credits. Taking more technology courses is recommended.

  • 644: Digital Tools, Trends and Debates
  • 646: Intro to Information Architecture and Interaction Design for the Web
  • 668: Digital Curation and Collections
  • 751: Database Design and Management
  • 768: Digital Humanities Analytics


In addition to the courses listed above, students are required to complete a 120 hour practicum. Most students fulfill the practicum requirement by taking LIS 620, Field Placement in Library and Information Agencies. For more information see the Practicum page and the MA Student Hand Book or Guide appropriate to the year you began your program.

Program Level Learning Outcomes (PLO) Assessment

Completion of the Program Level Learning Outcomes (PLO) Assessment is a graduation requirement for all students. PLO Assessments will be evaluated on a pass/fail basis. There is more information about the PLO Assessment in the MA Student Handbook, and students will find instruction on how to complete the assessment and examples at the Program Level Learning Level Outcomes (PLO) Assessment websites:


All other courses needed to meet the 39-credit minimum for the MA program are considered electives. Students may take up to 9 credits of electives outside of the iSchool. All non-LIS electives must be approved by the student’s advisor. It is also possible to apply up to six credits completed at another school toward the iSchool MA degree. More information is in the MA Student Handbook.

For students who began prior to 2022

Students who began the program in Fall 2021 or earlier, and who did not switch to the new curriculum requirements, should refer to earlier program requirements provided in the MA Program Planning Guide for the year they began the program.