University of Wisconsin–Madison

The Teaching & Learning Placement

The 120-hour experience includes:

  • teaching an ESL course embedded workshop (10-12 hours);
  • observing and assisting with workshop sessions for undergraduate Communication A required courses (15-20 hours);
  • extensive work with instruction projects at a home site library (80-90 hours).

In addition to online coursework there are three face-to-face meetings: Week 1, Week 2 and a third week (around weeks 7 or 8).

Students must also be able to keep half day chunks of Monday, Wednesday, Friday (two of these) flexible for the Comm A classes (heaviest during weeks 3-10); the schedule will be set when the Teaching and Learning Office has all the session requests—usually by end of week 2 of the semester.

Placements are arranged on a semester-to-semester basis, as the number of available positions and participating campus libraries fluctuate. There are typically 7-9 placements in an academic year semester. Some libraries have specific time/date commitments which will be defined well before the beginning of the semester.

To request the Teaching and Learning Placement:

  • Meet with your advisor to discuss the placement;
  • Review the information about the placement opportunities ( This information will be updated for each fall and spring semester;
  • Complete the Teaching & Learning placement request form;
  • No later than one week after advising week, please email:
    • the placement request form,
    • your updated resume,
    • and a printout of your iSchool coursework (which you can get from your Student Center on MyUW) to Allison Kaplan (
  • Once you have been given permission, register for LIS 620-003 (be sure it is this section)
  • Approximately 2 – 3 weeks after sending in your request, you’ll receive contact information for the onsite supervisor at your possible placement;
  • Use this information to contact the supervisor and set up a meeting to discuss in more detail the plan at site for the term, start time, etc.

Questions? Please contact Allison Kaplan.