Information Science BA/BS

What is information Science?

Information Science focuses on the relationships between people, information/data, and computing, and applying technology to improve communities. The major can be completed by L&S students in both the B.A./B.S. degree and by students in other UW-Madison programs as an additional major.

The rich array of courses offered gives students the opportunity to learn concepts and examine issues in the humanities, social sciences, physical and natural sciences, and computational and information sciences. Students will be asked to explore the ethical, cultural, and social challenges inherent in the design and use of information technology-based and data-driven solutions. The program emphasizes the practical design of systems for the good of people, organizations, and society.

What will you learn?
The Information Science (iSci) major prepares students for employment and graduate educational opportunities that require skill and expertise needed in a wide range of fields. Students who complete the program will be prepared with computing, analytical, communication, social, and interpersonal skills (i.e., collaboration, teamwork, patience, trust, flexibility, etc.) for a large variety of jobs in companies and organizations that need technology and data savvy employees. This program prepares the next generation of entrepreneurs, critical thinkers, innovators, and future leaders, who will be adept in the creation, management, retrieval, and curation of data and information, and skilled in the design and application of information technologies to solve problems.

When can you declare?
Students are eligible to declare the major on or after August 29, 2022 by contacting

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