University of Wisconsin–Madison

School Library Media Program

To qualify for careers in school library media centers, students require preparation in two professional fields: librarianship and education. Prior to July 2017, a valid teaching license was required for certification in the state of Wisconsin. After July 2017, school library certification became a standalone license. Students without a valid Wisconsin teaching license must contact Dr. Allison G. Kaplan for further licensing information. Preparation in library and information studies includes course work in children’s and young adult literature, administration of the school’s library media center, media and digital materials, and field experience. Please note: the School Library Media specialization is only available to students residing or working in Wisconsin.

Students will complete the MA in Library and Information Studies as part of their work toward licensure.

To get licensed after you’ve completed the program you will need to contact Student Services in the School of Education. Follow this link to more information about licensure on the iSchool website.

Required courses for Certification

In addition to completing all requirements for the Information School’s MA in Library and Information Studies, students seeking school library media certification should complete the following:

  • 639: Information Literacy Pedagogy
  • 651: Cataloging
  • C&I 620: Field Experience
  • School Library Administration (taken through UWSSLEC)

Resources: Pick two from this list – or other courses as approved by your advisor

  • 622: Children’s Literature
  • 629: Multicultural Literature for Children & YA
  • 631: Young Adult Literature

Technology: Pick two from this list

  • 644: Digital Tools, Trends & Debates
  • 861: Information Architecture
  • Technology courses from UWSSLEC with permission from advisor

Plus additional credits in elective classes, selected in consultation with your advisor.

For questions about the School Library Media Program at the iSchool, contact Dr. Allison G. Kaplan.