Mariah A. Knowles

Position title: PhD Student


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Headshot of Mariah A. Knowles


M.S., Computer Science
M.A., English Rhetoric and Composition

Areas of Interest

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Computer Science Education
  • Ethics Education
  • Mixed Methodology
  • Programming Languages and Environments
  • Values in Design

Classes taught

LIS 351: Introduction to Digital Information
LIS 461: Data and Algorithms: Ethics and Policy
LIS 640: Digital Communication for Information Professionals

Recent Publications

Knowles, Mariah. “Telling Stories of Transitions.” International Conference on Quantitative Ethnography. 6-9 November 2021.

Knowles, Mariah A. “Five Motivating Concerns for AI Ethics Instruction.” Association for Information Science & Technology. Online. 31 Oct 2021.

Scianna, Jennifer and David Gagnon and Bryan Knowles. “Counting the Game: Visualizing Changes in Play by Incorporating Game Events.” Advances in Quantitative Ethnography. ICQE 2021. Communications in Computer and Information Science 1312. Springer. 2021.


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