Faculty, Staff, Affiliate & Emeriti​

Faculty & Teaching Staff

Megan Adams

Position title: Collections Librarian & Teaching Faculty II

Email: madams23@wisc.edu

Catherine Arnott Smith

Position title: Professor; Discovery Fellow, Virtual Environments Group, Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery

Email: catherine.arnott.smith@wisc.edu

Greg Downey

Position title: Evjue-Bascom Professor, Associate Dean for Social Sciences

Email: greg.downey@wisc.edu

Eric Ely-Ledesma

Position title: Teaching Faculty I and Research Administrator

Email: eely@wisc.edu

Kristin R. Eschenfelder

Position title: Academic Associate Dean for Computer, Data & Information Sciences

Email: eschenfelder@wisc.edu

Ian Hutchins

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: bihutchins@wisc.edu

Corey B. Jackson

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: cbjackson2@wisc.edu

David McHugh

Position title: Teaching Faculty

Email: dtmchugh@wisc.edu

Chaoqun Ni

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: chaoqun.ni@wisc.edu

Reginold Royston

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: rroyston@wisc.edu

Alan Rubel

Position title: Professor and Director

Email: arubel@wisc.edu

Adam Rule

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: adam.rule@wisc.edu

Dorothea Salo

Position title: Distinguished Faculty Associate

Email: salo@wisc.edu

Jonathan Senchyne

Position title: Associate Professor & Director, Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture

Email: senchyne@wisc.edu

Debra Shapiro

Position title: Distinguished Teaching Faculty & Coordinator of Online MA Program

Email: dsshapiro@wisc.edu

Jacob Thebault-Spieker

Position title: Assistant Professor

Email: jacob.thebaultspieker@wisc.edu

Nikki Wiessinger

Position title: Teaching Faculty IV, Associate Director

Email: nicole.wiessinger@wisc.edu

Rebekah Willett

Position title: Professor & Director of the iSchool PhD Program

Email: rwillett@wisc.edu

DeAnza Williams

Position title: Teaching Faculty II

Email: dwilliams57@wisc.edu

Affiliate Faculty

Matthew Berland

Position title: Assistant Professor of Digital Media

Email: mberland@wisc.edu

Anuj Desai

Position title: Voss Bascom Professor of Law

Email: anuj.desai@wisc.edu

Robert Howard

Position title: Director of Digital Studies and Professor of Communication, Religious Studies, & Folklore

Email: rghoward2@wisc.edu

Dipesh Navsaria

Position title: Faculty, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Email: dnavsaria@pediatrics.wisc.edu

Amanda Smith

Position title: Film Archivist, Wisconsin Center for Film & Theater Research; Lecturer

Email: amsmith56@wisc.edu

Ethelene Whitmire

Position title: Professor, Department Chair Afro-American Studies

Email: ewhitmire@wisc.edu

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Emeritus Faculty

John Boll
Professor Emeritus

Charles A. Bunge
Professor Emeritus and former Director

Patricia Farney
Senior Lecturer Emeritus

Peter Gottlieb
Adjunct Assistant Professor Emeritus / Wisconsin state archivist, Wisconsin Historical Society

Dianne Hopkins
Professor Emeritus, former Assistant Director

James Krikelas
Professor Emeritus

Anne Lundin
Professor Emeritus

Richard L. Pifer
Adjunct Assistant Professor Emeritus

Jane Robbins
Professor Emeritus and Former Director

Louise Robbins
Professor Emeritus and Former Director

Peggy Smith
Emeritus Director of SLIS Laboratory/Library

Richard Walker
Professor Emeritus

Wayne Wiegand
Professor Emeritus

Darlene E. Weingand
Professor Emeritus and Emeritus Faculty Administrator of SLIS Continuing Education Services

William Williamson
Professor Emeritus

Douglas Zweizig
Professor Emeritus


Chris LaRoche

Position title: Lecturer

Email: claroche@wisc.edu

Susan Mitchell

Position title: Lecturer

Email: susan.mitchell@wisc.edu

Jung Sun Oh

Position title: Lecturer

Email: joh72@wisc.edu

Margaret Smith

Position title: Lecturer

Email: msmith68@wisc.edu

Vicki Tobias

Position title: Lecturer

Email: vicki.tobias@wisc.edu

Continuing Education

Casey Ineichen

Position title: Continuing Education Program Manager

Email: casey.ineichen@wisc.edu

Meredith Lowe

Position title: Continuing Education Program Manager

Email: mclowe@wisc.edu

Administrative Staff

Brendan Casey

Position title: Director of Experiential Learning

Email: brendan.casey@wisc.edu

Dennis Choi

Position title: Admissions and Records Coordinator

Email: dhchoi@wisc.edu

Jenny Greiber

Position title: Academic Program Manager, MS Information & Capstone Certificates

Email: jgreiber@wisc.edu

Stacy Harnett

Position title: Academic Advising Manager, iSchool Undergraduate Advisor

Email: sharnett@wisc.edu

Tanya Hendricks Cobb

Position title: Graduate Program Manager

Email: tcobb@wisc.edu

Carol Kaufman

Position title: Interim Library Manager

Email: cekaufman@wisc.edu

Amy Maurer

Position title: Payroll and Benefits Specialist

Email: asmaurer@wisc.edu

Will Maybock

Position title: User Support Supervisor

Email: wmay@wisc.edu

Katja Mohaupt-Hedden

Position title: Financial Specialist III

Email: mohaupthedden@wisc.edu

Greg Putnam

Position title: IT Director I

Email: gdputnam@wisc.edu

Sam Ranabhat

Position title: Technology Support Lead

Email: sranabhat@wisc.edu

Suzanne Swift

Position title: Marketing & Communications Project Lead

Email: spswift@wisc.edu

Steve Sylte

Position title: HR Coordinator

Email: ssylte@wisc.edu

Lori Ushman

Position title: Department Administrator I

Email: ushman@wisc.edu

Lisa Wyeth

Position title: iSchool Curricular Representative

Email: wyethwoerpel@wisc.edu