Beyond the Annual Fund

Many donors choose to donate to a specialized cause and we have many!  If your heart lies in a particular area, and you feel strongly about donating to that specific fund, please do!

Donate to a specialized fund by entering the fund number in the “Find Your Cause” field on the donation page.

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Scholarships  And Student Travel Support

Help bridge the funding gap for students. Generous donors help defray costs for iSchool students to attend and participate in professional conferences and meetings.

The iSchool hosts many scholarship funds. See a list at the bottom of this page to choose a specific fund, or simply contribute to the  Annual Fund (132543570) which funds many scholarships.

Facilities Upgrades

Ensure that iSchool facilities stay up to date and support purchase of new materials and equipment by contributing to the Bunge Facilities Support Fund (112547368) (This fund includes needs of the iSchool Library)

Faculty Research & Curriculum Support

Enables iSchool faculty to pursue research or retooling of the curriculum to help the iSchool keep pace with our rapidly changing field. The school uses flexible research funds to attract and retain high quality faculty.

Please designate donations to the Sarah M. Pritchard Faculty Support Fund (132548028)

The iSchool Annual Fund

The Annual Fund (132543570) is a flexible fund that can be used by the iSchool for any areas of highest need. It is most often used for scholarships.

ISchool Scholarship Named Funds

Student Travel Support Funds