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Student Organizations​

Our students participate in a wide range of student organizations that help them make the most of their degree, broaden their experiences and develop a strong community beyond the classroom.

Don’t see a club that interests you? Check out the Wisconsin Involvement Network and see if there is a club that peaks your interest beyond the iSchool. Or, start a new one! We are very supportive of new organizations and happy to help students get started.


For all iSchool Student Organization Events: 

This is for iSchool Registered Student Organization events happening at the UW campus. This form must be completed a minimum of *30 days in advance of the planned event date.

For an event with a Registered Student Organization complete this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Nkx6zD2E2Ez8pti8PXr2vN1k_YFcnuuslEN1pckG6Pw/edit

*Deadlines for events to be held at the end of the semester are different:

  • For end of fall semester events, this form must be submitted no later than October 20th.
  • For end of spring semester events submit this form no later than February 20th.


See  Student Organization Resource & Policy Guide – UW–Madison (wisc.edu) for information and policies.


Submission of this form does not guarantee approval of your event request.



For an  iSchool Sponsored Student Event Request Form (this is for student-led events that are not part of a Registered Student Organization/RSO).



This is for iSchool sponsored student events happening at the UW campus. This form must be submitted a minimum of 30 days in advance of the planned event date.


Please note: Submission of this form does not guarantee approval of your event request.


For more information regarding Student Organizations at UW Madison: https://www.wisc.edu/student-life/

ALA-SC (American Library Association) Student Chapter

The mission of the University of Wisconsin-Madison American Library Association Student Chapter (UW ALA-SC) is to provide professional and academic development and support, promote community, and encourage leadership among both on-campus and distant members. We uphold the mission of our parent organization, the American Library Association, and agree that the advancement and improvement of libraries and librarianship is our highest goal.

Email: alastudentswisconsin@gmail.com
Website: https://win.wisc.edu/organization/alascuwmad

Cybersecurity UW

Cybersecurity UW (CSEC) is a student organization that allows its members to learn and explore security in a collaborative environment. This includes everything from security research to lessons on online privacy and safety. Cybersecurity UW club is open to students with and without cybersecurity experience, and is open to undergraduate and graduate students.

Website: https://win.wisc.edu/organization/csec
Email: csec@ischool.wisc.edu


iQueery fosters community and solidarity for LGBTQIA+ students, professionals, and patrons in the world of libraries and beyond. We seek to equip our community to work in diverse library settings with diverse patron bases through education, advocacy work, volunteering, networking, and community building. We aim to support LGBTQIA+ students at the iSchool by fostering a strong sense of community, advocating for our community of LGBTQIA+ librarians and patrons, and supporting the safety and well-being of queer people at the iSchool. All students, regardless of sexual orientation and gender identity, who are interested in service to LGBTQIA+ patrons are welcome.

UX Club's LogoiSchool UX Club

The iSchool UX Club is a student-led organization where individuals passionate about user experience, digital design, and related fields can come together to share knowledge, network with industry leaders, and work on group projects. With regular events such as portfolio critiques and social gatherings, we strive to provide a community for skill development and industry preparation for all members.

Slack | ischooluxclub@gmail.com

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Jail Library Student Group (JLG)

The JLG’s mission is to provide educational, recreational, and community resource reading materials to the people in the jail facilities in Dane County, Wisconsin. Our goals are:

  • To meet the educational, recreational, and community resource reading needs of the inmates.
  • To locate and share useful community resources with inmates that will help them or their families address and solve their needs.
  • To educate the volunteers and the local community about issues related to incarceration, poverty, crime, justice, and fairness that are a part of and affect our community, but of which many of us are not aware.
  • To improve the criminal justice system by involving the community, through volunteer service, in the process.
  • To provide a safe and constructive environment for diverse people to come together, share, and learn from each other.

Website: https://jlg-wisc.weebly.com/
Email: jaillibrarygroup@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/JLGwisc
Twitter: @JailLibGroup

REFORMA Student Group

REFORMA is the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-speaking. An affiliate of the American Library Association, REFORMA was established in 1971 and currently has twenty-six chapters across the nation. The iSchool REFORMA student group is the first student chapter of the national association. iSchool REFORMA seeks to promote students’ professional interest in serving Spanish-speaking populations. iSchool REFORMA provides opportunities to discuss best practices with library professionals, workshops to develop professional skills, and community engagement activities that support Madison’s Latino population. All students interested in working with Spanish-speaking populations in any library and information service setting are welcome to join iSchool REFORMA. Bilingual ability is not required.

Email: ReformaUWMad@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReformaSCwisc/

SAA-SC(Society Of American Archivists-Student Chapter)

The SAA Student Chapter (SAA-SC) is for all iSchool students interested in archives and archive-adjacent fields. It’s a place to meet archivists and fellow archives students, talk about archives in theory and practice, and work on professional development.

Email: uwarchivists@gmail.com


The mission of the TLAM Student Group is to inform and engage members of the UW-Madison community on the issues and challenges found in tribal libraries, archives, and museums through service-learning. We seek to build and sustain meaningful partnerships with Wisconsin’s American Indian communities, sharing our skills, knowledge, and resources to identify and address specific areas of information, literacy, and cultural preservation needs.

Website: http://www.tlamproject.org/
Email: tlam.studentgroup@gmail.com

UW-iSchool Gaming Group

The UW-iSchool Gaming Group is a non-competitive, recreational game group for UW-Madison iSchool students interested in playing a variety of board games. Our goal with the group is to be a supportive community for students who want to have fun playing board games both in-person and virtually.

Email: uwischoolgaminggroup@gmail.com

Wisconsin Library Association New logo

Wisconsin Library Association

Through networking and meet and greet events, the Wisconsin Library Association promotes libraries throughout Wisconsin. The Wisconsin Library Association also allows individuals to receive more information about library-related professional opportunities for library students, those interested in libraries throughout the state, and those interested in the history of Wisconsin libraries. The Wisconsin Library Association also promotes libraries and librarianship to the Wisconsin legislature. Upcoming events may be virtual.

Wisconsin Library Association: https://www.wisconsinlibraries.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WLAStudents

Youth Literacy, Information, & Beyond (KidsLIB)
Youth Literacy, Information, and Beyond supports the professional and educational growth of UW students (both undergraduate and graduate) interested in library youth services, children’s literature, and information literacy and accessibility.


Rebekah Willett, faculty advisor