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pro·ac·tive /prōˈaktiv/ adjective

(of a person, policy, or action) creating or controlling a situation by causing something to happen rather than responding to it after it has happened.

The iSchool’s Office of Experiential Learning provides the resources and support you need to begin your career within the information field.

Staff listen to you, help formulate goals based on your needs, and assist you in finding the best resources to meet those needs.

Our only expectation is that your proactive search performance matches the excellence of your academic performance.

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Document/Portfolio Review

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Degree, Industry and Role-specific Resources

The iSchool Network

If you are an iSchool Alumni, please consider joining the iSchool Network.

Your involvement with a current student can be as little as a video call, connecting on LinkedIn, or doing a resume/portfolio review — OR it can be as much as sponsoring an internship and making professional introductions.

Your level of involvement is entirely up to you!