University of Wisconsin–Madison

Undergraduates at the iSchool

Information Science BA/BS

The Information Science Major

Information Science centers around people’s interactions with information, data and technology. Students majoring in Information Science will explore the intersection between technology and human values. They gain insight into the ways individuals and societies use information and data, while learning to develop more equitable and just information and data systems. In short, they leverage information and data technologies to enhance people’s lives.

In the program, students will learn how to create technology-based systems that actively support social justice and promote the public good. Graduates will strive to increase equitable access and understanding of information and data that will increase productivity and foster well-being.

The interdisciplinary major integrates coursework in computing, analytics, design, human factors, ethics and impact on society.

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Digital Studies Certificate

Digital Studies Certificate

All UW-Madison undergraduates can explore information and society topics and gain information technology skills through the 15-credit Digital Studies certificate/minor. The iSchool offers 5 courses for an iSchool path through Digital Studies.

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