Student Profile – Julia Grossinger, BS Information Science Expected Spring 2023

Grossinger while studying abroad.

Originally from Philadelphia, UW–Madison senior Julia Grossinger knew she wanted to leave home for college. UW–Madison was the perfect place. It was big, had lots of lakes and nature, great academics and amazing school spirit. There was just one problem. Grossinger had learned about iSchools while in high school and wanted to study information science, but UW didn’t have an undergraduate information science major. Grossinger decided to come to UW anyway, figuring she could get much of what she wanted though a combined computer sciences BS and a digital studies Certificate.

Grossinger has done well at UW. She loves her classes, plays a lot of tennis, does yoga regularly and even spent a semester in Barcelona last spring. As her studies deepened she wanted to know more about how computers impact people and society. Luckily she was able to take classes in the iSchool to continue to broaden her perspective.

During the first week of classes Grossinger heard news that changed her academic plans. “I was in my Human Factors of Information Security class and a fellow student mentioned the information science major had launched. I was totally surprised,” said Grossinger. “By that afternoon I had researched the new major, learned I could declare it as a senior and made an appointment to see an advisor. Things moved very quickly!” Grossinger is now double majoring in information science and computer sciences along with a digital studies Certificate.

“It was fate,” continued Grossinger. “It’s rare that UW adds new majors and the exact one I wanted launched when I still had enough time to complete it. It’s exciting to be one of the first students. I get a lot of

Grossinger enjoying Madison.

questions but I like talking about it and spreading the word. I think everyone should take information science classes since they relate to almost everything we do. It’s so relevant.”

Grossinger already has been offered a post graduation job. Next summer she will start at PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) in New York City where she will be working as a “digital assurance transparency associate” primarily doing technology auditing. Grossinger’s job will be to make sure systems are secure, safe and doing what they should be doing. 

Thanks Julia for being one of the first information science majors. You have a wonderful career ahead of you.