Student Spotlight – Alina Mukhortova

Student Spotlight – Alina Mukhortova (BS Information Science x’25)

Alina Mukhortova is a long way from home. She is an international student from Krasnodar, Russia, pursuing the iSchool’s newly offered information science major. The information science major will be in addition to her bachelor of science degree in consumer behavior and marketplace studies in the School of Human Ecology. In addition to her busy academic schedule, Mukhortova is on the UW women’s tennis team.

When Mukhortova came to UW, she knew that she wanted to double major to help build future career skills. She heard about the information science major from her athletic academic advisor and believed it would be an excellent way to improve her current knowledge of technology and its societal impact while learning new skills.

“I believe that society is constantly adapting and evolving around new technologies. Everyone should be more involved with technology, and it is super important to know how to correctly understand information and where it comes from,” said Mukhortova.

Mukhortova is very pleased with how information science classes are going. She has taken two classes so far and particularly enjoyed taking Introduction to Digital Information, where she was able to build a website and develop “current technology skills that are needed to succeed.”

While she doesn’t know exactly what she will do post-graduation, Mukhortova has many interests and is considering a professional tennis career. Wherever her path takes her, she is confident that “the information science major will be beneficial to any career path.”