MS Information program attracts future leaders

4th floor of Helen C. White Hall
Two students study in College Library at Helen C. White Hall at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The iSchool is based on the 4th floor of Helen C. White Hall. (Photo by Jeff Miller/UW-Madison)

The iSchool’s Master of Science in Information is inherently interdisciplinary. It gives students the technical skills to understand information and data systems, and the critical thinking, design, and communications skills to govern and critique them. The program is designed to prepare students to become information leaders across a wide range of industries and sectors.

Three current studentsDev Khetan, Christian Willis, and Eury Sohnhighlight the wide variety of opportunities that students in the MS Information program can pursue, both on and off campus. And they show that students from diverse backgrounds can chart their own course through the flexible MS Information program as they pursue their own visions of success. Read on to learn more about each of these talented graduate students.

Dev Khetan

Dev Khetan MSx’24 started his academic career in Delhi, India, studying electrical engineering and robotics. But as he completed his bachelor’s degree in 2022, he found himself asking the question: “How does a robot actually work?” The answer, in many cases, boiled down to data. Dev’s focus then shifted to the world of data analytics, and the iSchool’s MS Information program, with its data analytics concentration, was a perfect match for his newfound interests.

As a student in the program, Dev has honed his skills in data analysis while pursuing a career in the financial sector. He recently completed an internship at Barclays, which he credits iSchool staff members Jenny Greiber and Brendan Casey for helping him secure.

Dev has also been featured on “Your Future. Your Way.” – a podcast about professional programs at UW-Madison. In a recent episode, he discussed the MS Information program in-depth, saying, “A lot of things that I studied in the program directly applied to my internship,” including Python-related courses. After graduation, Dev plans to pursue a career in data analytics in the banking or financial technology (fintech) industries.

Christian Willis

When it comes to information, “user access is key,” says Christian Willis MSx’24, a first-year student in the MS Information program. Prior to starting the program, Christian obtained his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems from Appalachian State University. He then interned at WPS Health Solutions, a leading nonprofit health insurer in Wisconsin, where he created data visualizations to help guide decision-making and solve real-world industry problems.

So far at the iSchool, Christian has enjoyed collaborating with students and faculty and interacting with peers across disciplines and backgrounds. “What I enjoy most is the diversity here and being able to learn from others’ experiences,” Christian says. His concentration within the program is Human Factors in Cybersecurity, working closely with iSchool Associate Professor Rick Wash.

Christian hopes to pursue an information career in industry after graduation, with a focus on ensuring information and data are secure, accessible, and useful for driving organizational decisions.

Eury Sohn

Eury Sohn MSx’24 has a passion for data and technology. After earning her bachelor’s degree from Yonsei University in Seoul, South Korea, Eury decided to pursue an advanced degree in the MS Information program. As a master’s student, she has been able to explore her passions through multiple avenues.

Eury has numerous valuable experiences under her belt from her time in the iSchool, including working at Volvo Trucks as a Continuous Improvement Intern. At Volvo, Eury used her data and coding skills to develop applications and metrics, using Python, to improve the company’s data management practices.

She is now enjoying an independent course of study (LIS 999), which she says allows her to “explore my own fields of study and write my own papers under the guidance of Professor Chaoqun Ni.” This research experience will help prepare her to pursue a PhD; she has been busy applying to various programs this fall.

Eury has deeply appreciated her time in the iSchool thus far, especially its home in Helen C. White Hall. “College Library is wonderful for collaboration, both inter- and intra-departmental,” she says.

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Written by Thomas Jilk, marketing & communications specialist.