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Strategies for Supervising Part-Time Employees

Part-time staff are often on the front line of library services. Whether you manage student employees, part-time LTEs, or permanent part-time staff – supporting and supervising part-time personnel takes extra consideration. When an employee isn’t in the office every day it can lead to unintentional communication and training gaps and sometimes even a harmful sense of exclusion.

This course explores how we can be strategic as supervisors and colleagues of part-time staff to engage, motivate, and empower all employees on our team. Discover practical strategies based in structural empowerment theory to create a culture that encourages employees across all levels to be change-agents at your organization. By examining ingrained institutional rituals – everything from emails to meetings to evaluations – we can develop more inclusive practices that address the unique needs and concerns of part-time staff.

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When:  Mar 7 – Apr 17, 2022

Where: Online

Cost: $250 (10% discount if you register 2 weeks before the class starts!)

CE Credit: 2.0 CEUs/20 LEUs

Program: #306922

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  • Employee and structural empowerment
  • Inclusive communication practices
  • Effective training and assessment strategies
  • Creating opportunities for professional development and advancement
  • Access to formal & informal power across organizational hierarchies

Expectations: This course will cover weekly topics through a combination of readings/videos, lectures, assignments, and discussion questions. You are expected to participate in weekly online discussion boards and submit weekly assignments by the due dates listed on the syllabus. You will also be expected to complete a final assignment demonstrating your understanding of and ability to implement the strategies discussed throughout the course.

Instructor: Ashley McHose is the Library Services Lead at Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, WI. She has supervised part-time staff for the past six years at various academic and public libraries in the US and Canada. She has a passion for understanding how employees curate inclusive and engaging environments and how institutions can break down barriers to workplace satisfaction, efficiency, and success.