MS Program Requirements

30 credit MS Information Overview

Required Courses (705, 751, 615, 875) 12 credits
Ethics Course (461 OR 661) 3 credits
Internship (620) 3 credits
Electives 12 credits
Total  30 credits

Required Courses

All students will take the following four courses for a total of 12 credits.

  • LIS 705 Intro Analytics for Decision Making
  • LIS 751 Relational Database Design
  • LIS 615 Systems Analysis & Project Management
  • LIS 875 Technical Foundations of Information Science or LIS 732 Strategic Information Services

Ethics Course

All MS students must complete at least one ethics course for a minimum of 3 credits. Choose from:

  • LIS 461 Data & Algorithm: Ethics and Policy
  • LIS 661 Info Ethics


In addition to the courses listed above, students are required to complete an internship through LIS 620.


Students continue by completing one of three concentrations: User Experience (UX) DesignData Analytics/Data Management; or Distributed.

UX Concentration Recommended Electives (12-13 credits):

  • LIS/CS 611 UX 1 User Research
  • LIS/CS 612 UX 2 Ideation and Design
  • LIS/CS 613 UX 3 Testing and Evaluation
  • LIS/CS614  Capstone (1 credit)

Data Analytics or Management/Governance Concentration Recommended Electives (12 credits):

  • LIS 706 Data Mining Planning and Management
  • LIS 707 Data Visualization and Communications
  • LIS 711 Data Management for Information Professionals

Distributed Concentration

Students pursuing a distributed concentration must complete at least 12 credits of electives from the courses listed above in the UX and Analytics concentration electives, or from the approved Information School electives list above. Students may include a maximum of 3 credits of approved external electives from the list below.

Approved Information School electives:

  • LIS 460 Surveillance, Privacy and Police Powers
  • LIS 500 Code and Power
  • LIS 510 Information Security & Privacy
  • LIS 517 Digital Health: Information and Technologies Supporting Consumers and Patients
  • LIS 616 Electronic Records Management
  • LIS 632 Metadata Standards and XML
  • LIS 645 Intellectual Freedom
  • LIS 646 Information Architecture & Interaction Design
  • LIS 658 Publishing, Knowledge Institutions and Society: E-Revolutions?
  • LIS 663 Introduction to Cyberlaw
  • LIS 875 Topics in Information Processing and Retrieval
  • LIS 999 Independent Reading and Research

Approved External MS Information electives:

Students may count a maximum of 3 credits from the below list of external electives toward the MS Information degree.  Not all electives available all semesters.  Not all external electives are available online.

Computer Science: CS 319 Data Programming; CS 570 Human Computer Interaction

Design Studies: DS 341 Design Thinking for Transformation

Industrial Engineering:  ISYE 349 Introduction to Human Factors; ISYE 552 Human Factors Engineering Design & Evaluation