iSchool Student Scholarships For Professional Development

iSchool Master's Student Requests for Funding

Professional Development Award

  • Peg Eusch Records and Information Management Student Fund:

To provide support for professional networking, mentoring, and learning for iSchool graduate students interested in and participating in the professional field of Records and Information Management. Professional development activities that may be supported include: professional organization memberships (e.g., ARMA), conferences (e.g., MER, NAGARA conferences), and professional chapter meetings.

To apply for this award, contact Katja Mohaupt-Hedden, iSchool Financial Specialist, at

Conference Presenter/Governance Support Travel Funds

The iSchool has limited endowment funds to support Master’s student presentations at conferences and participation in professional associations. Some examples of funding requests that may be funded are:

  • Conference presentation, including poster sessions
  • Volunteer at official functions, including working at a booth
  • Participant in a governance committee
  • Attendance at regional conferences, for example WLA, MAC, M-Dev

To apply for funding, send an email with the following information to Katja Mohaupt-Hedden, iSchool Financial Specialist, at  Include the following information in your request:          

  • Your full name and email address
  • Name, dates, and location of conference (include conference web site)
  • Requested budget (include per person registration, accommodation, and transportation costs)
  • Names of other sources of funding for which you have applied, with requested amounts
  • A two or three sentence explanation of why attending this conference is important to you. Include the title of your presentation or nature of your participation if applicable.

Upon return, students must submit a brief summary of their experience to

Applications for groups of students

Applications for groups of students to share the costs to attend a conference (regardless of whether students are giving a presentation) are also encouraged. Student organizations seeking funding to attend a conference should submit a travel proposal to their groups’s advisor, who will then submit the proposal to Katja Mohaupt-Hedden at

iSchool Ph.D. Student Requests for Conference or Research Support Funds

During their time in the program, iSchool Ph.D. students may request departmental funding to support conference and/or research expenses.

  • Students may request up to $2,000 during their doctoral career for conference expenses
  • Students may also request funding for research expenses (research travel, transcription, participant incentives). If awarded, the amount will be determined by the iSchool director.
  • Upon return, students must submit a brief summary of their experience to

To apply, send an email to Katja Mohaupt-Hedden, iSchool Financial Specialist,, with the following information as early as possible:

  • Indicate if this request is for conference or research support
  • Full name and email address
  • Briefly describe your funding request, e.g., to attend a conference (include the full name of the conference), for data transcription services, etc.
  • Provide the dates, location and conference web site (if applicable)
  • Provide a brief (3 sentences max) justification for your request (e.g., reason for attending event or fund request)
  • Have you applied for funding support from sources outside the iSchool?   If yes, include these sources (name, URL, etc.)
  • What is the estimated cost? Be as specific as possible and include specific items (e.g., registration, transportation, lodging) associated with your participation
  • What is your level of involvement at the event for which you are requesting funds (e.g., type of participation presentation, panels, etc.)?
  • If presenting at a conference, what type of presentation will you give (e.g., paper, poster, etc.)?
  • What is the total amount of support you have received form the iSchool in the past (for the last three years)? Include the amount, the year, and the purpose of the previous funding.

In addition to iSchool funding, the Graduate School makes available a competitive application process for a Conference Presentation Award to students whose research has been accepted for presentation at a conference. For more information about this funding, visit the Student Research Grants Competition website.

The Graduate School also makes available a Research Travel Award, which provides funds to support travel related to your dissertation/thesis research. Priority will be given to students who are dissertators or final-year MFA students. For more information about this funding, visit the Student Research Grants Competition website