Associate Professor Rebekah Willett Named Partner Investigator in $23.4 million Global Study on Digital Technology and Children

Associate Professor Rebekah Willett has been named a partner investigator in the first global effort to study the effects of digital technology on children based in the Australian Centre of Excellence for the Digital Child. The new Centre is based at Queensland University of Technology and headed by Professor Susan Danby. The $23.4 million project will focus on children from birth to eight years of age with a detailed seven-year research program, including a longitudinal family cohort study with 3000 families in Australia. National guidelines and advice about children and digital technology often conflict, and the Centre aims to provide authoritative information to guide families, educators, governments and other authorities. Willett is one of 33 national and international partners on the project who are contributing time, ideas, and research findings to the conversations at the Centre. Research results and guidelines will be released progressively throughout the life of project.