PhD Student Profile: Yinka Ajibola

Get to know the iSchool’s ten new PhD students! They will be featured throughout the Fall 2021 semester.

Yinka AjibolaYinka Ajibola

Areas of Interest: Information Communication Technology & Development (ICT4D); Artificial Intelligence for Development (AI4D); Misinformation/Disinformation 

Advisor: Reginold Royston

Where are you from?  Nigeria

How did you become interested in the field of information/library science?

While pursuing my degree in social science, I realized how complementary both fields (Information Science and Social Science) could be—using theories to explain technology changes – from a multi-perspective. In addition, I’m trying to understand information and how it can be used for social good.

How does the iSchool complement your research area/interests?

The iSchool complements my interests because there is a wide range of faculty whose research is similar or overlaps with mine. I believe the diversity of perspectives is an asset.

What are you excited to explore in Madison?

I am excited to explore the state parks, lakes, and try out cheese curds.

What’s one thing you wish you’d known before applying to Ph.D. programs?

Nothing is guaranteed during the application process.