iSchool Adds New Undergraduate Major – Information Science

In September the iSchool added a new undergraduate degree, a BA/BS degree in Information Science. It was developed to meet demand from students interested in exploring the intersection between technology and human values. Students in the program gain insights into the ways individuals and societies use information and data, while learning to develop equitable information and data systems to enhance people’s lives. 

The curriculum is focused on the relationships between people, information, and computing. It emphasizes the ethical, cultural, and social challenges inherent in the design and use of technology-based and data-driven solutions. The BA/BS in Information Sciences can be completed as a student’s sole program of study, but it may also be completed as an additional major to complement a wide variety of programs for students who wish to bring computer, data, and information skills to their primary major or specialization.

“Graduates will be prepared with computing, analytical, and people skills for a large variety of jobs in companies and organizations that need tech and data-savvy employees,” says Alan Rubel, professor and chair of the iSchool. “By exposing students with minimal computing backgrounds to the impact of technology on society, the program is designed to reach a more diverse set of students who may not have considered a path from social science and humanities to computing.”

“It has been exciting to see the level of interest in students,” said Stacy Harnett, undergraduate advisor for the program. “The highly customizable design of the major is resonating with students and allows them to select courses that align with their interests and career goals.”

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