Library Security: Training for Worst Case Scenarios and Everyday Conflicts

Library managers and staff need to be prepared for ‘worst case scenarios’ like active shooter events, as well as having practical, effective responses to everyday behaviors.  How can you get those wild kids to settle down? What do you say to the client with overpowering body odor? How ready are you for tornado, fire, earthquake or other disasters?  

After laying a groundwork of common sense, consistent responses, we will discuss policies, procedures, internal communications and ways of gaining community support

At a glance

When: Jun 27 – Aug 7, 2022

Where: Online, asynchronous

Cost: $250 (10% discount if you register 2 weeks in advance!)

CE Credit: 2.0 CEUs / 20 LEUs

Program: #302423

Questions? Contact Meredith Lowe or Anna Palmer

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  • Common Sense Responses
  • Universal Precautions
  • Handling tough situations and conversations
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Active Shooter
  • Working with Law enforcement 


Regular participation in online discussions about readings, brief assignments/exercises and a final project applicable to your daily work.


Jill Osmond-Groell, MLIS, is a Reference Librarian at the Hedberg Public  Library. Jill has worked at HPL for 20-plus years, starting as a shelver, and serving as a Circulation Assistant and Security Assistant for 12 years.  Jill cares passionately for the well being of her coworkers and colleagues.  Michelle Dennis has been the Head of Access and Security Services at the Hedberg Public Library since 2011. Prior to coming to HPL she was the director of the Clinton Public Library and facilitated ropes challenge course leadership development. She has also worked in group homes with special needs adults, and in a psychiatric hospital. She is committed to improving the safety and well being of all library professionals and library users. Jill and Michelle have worked together training library staff on security matters and Active Shooter Response Planning since 2013.