Strategies For Supervising Part-Time Employees

When:  July 1 – August 11, 2024 (6 weeks)

Where: Online & Asynchronous (see more info)

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CE Credit: 2.0 CEUs/20 LEUs

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Part-time staff are often on the front line of library services. Whether you manage student employees, part-time LTEs, or permanent part-time staff – supporting and supervising part-time personnel takes extra consideration. When an employee isn’t in the office every day it can lead to unintentional communication and training gaps and sometimes even a harmful sense of exclusion.

This course explores how we can be strategic as supervisors and colleagues of part-time staff to engage, motivate, and empower all employees on our team. Discover practical strategies based in structural empowerment theory to create a culture that encourages employees across all levels to be change-agents at your organization. By examining ingrained institutional rituals – everything from emails to meetings to evaluations – we can develop more inclusive practices that address the unique needs and concerns of part-time staff.


  • Individual and structural empowerment
  • Inclusive communication practices
  • Effective training and assessment strategies
  • Creating opportunities for professional development and advancement
  • Access to formal & informal power across organizational hierarchies


Ashley McHose is the Library Manager at Lakeshore Technical College in Cleveland, WI. She has supervised part-time staff for over a decade at various academic and public libraries in the US and Canada. She has a passion for understanding how employees curate inclusive and engaging environments and how institutions can break down barriers to workplace satisfaction, efficiency, and success.