Career Preparation in School

Build Up Your Professional Network

For an overview of the resources listed below and how to use them, watch this brief video (embedded above).

Step By Step Guide

1. Learn how to network

  • SuccessWorks’ extensive guide to networking

2. Attend training and events to build skills and develop a networking plan

3. Join student and professional associations

iSchool Student Organizations

UW Student Organizations

Select LIS-Related Professional Associations

4. Use social networks

How do I create a good LinkedIn profile?
LinkedIn Profile Checklist

Badger Bridge
Badger Bridge (UW-Madison’s version of LinkedIn)
Getting Started with Badger Bridge

5. Schedule informational interviews

A Step-by-Step Guide for Your First Informational Interview

Tips for a Successful Informational Interview


Business Cards

Digital Publishing & Printing Services

Student Print

Vista Print

Join Student and Professional Organizations

Student Organizations

iSchool Student Organizations
New student-led orgs are welcome!

UW-Madison Student Organizations

Professional Associations

Attend professional conferences and events hosted by professional associations. Check out our curated list below.

Select LIS-Related Professional Associations by Area