Faculty Advisors

Faculty Bio
Research Interests Websites and Research Groups
Catherine Arnott Smith Consumer health informatics, History of medicine
Greg Downey History and geography of information and communication technology and labor Greg Downey’s website
Kristin R. Eschenfelder Data management, scholarly communications, information/data policy, science and technology studies Social Science Data Archives: History & Sustainability
Ian Hutchins Scientific Portfolio Analysis, Bibliometrics, Science-of-Science https://hutchinslab.github.io

Metascience Research Lab

Corey B. Jackson Human-centered computing, computer-supported cooperative work, and design epistemologies from fields such as organization studies, psychology, and education Corey Jackson

Collaborative Computing Group

Kyung-Sun “Sunny” Kim Information behavior, Information users, user-centered systems/services, Information evaluation on social media
Chaoqun Ni Scholarly Communication, Science Policy, Scientometrics, Scholarly Data Analytics Chaoqun Ni

Metascience Research Lab

Reginold Royston New Media and innovation in the African Diaspora Reginold Royston


Alan Rubel Information ethics, policy, and law Alan Rubel

Ethics, Values and Information

Adam Rule Human computer interaction, health informatics, human-centered data science Collaborative Computing Group
Jonathan Senchyne Book history and print culture, American literary history, African American print culture, digital humanities, American Studies Jonathan Senchyne

Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture

Jacob Thebault-Spieker HCI, social computing http://jacob.thebault-spieker.com

Collaborative Computing Group

Rebekah Willett Childhood studies, Media and Cultural Studies, Education, Girlhood Studies, Public Libraries Rebekah Willett’s Academic Profile