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iSchool Graduate Assistant Positions

When assistantships are available they will be posted on the campus Student Jobs site and on the iSchool Daily Digest website. Follow the application instructions in the job post.

All Teaching Assistant (TA) hires are semester-by-semester and there is no presumption of reappointment. An exception to this is appointments with a funding guarantee, as with iSchool PhD students.

iSchool courses that typically employ TAs are:

  • LIS 201: The Information Society
  • LIS 202: Information Divides & Differences in a Multicultural Society
  • LIS 351: Introduction to Digital Information
  • LIS 461: Data and Algorithms: Ethics and Policy

Hiring criteria will generally be as follows but may differ in certain circumstances

  • Seniority and experience
  • Subject matter expertise
  • Academic Standing
  • Performance in prior TAships and Lecturer-Student Assistant appointments

If you have questions about iSchool assistantships, contact either:

Research and Travel Funding

A van transporting local workers travels along the road leading to the Southern African Large Telescope (SALT) during sunrise on July 18, 2017. The photograph is part of a series of stories highlighting the work of University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers in South Africa as they explore the origins of the universe, the first evidence of life on Earth as preserved in the geological record and the evolution of humankind. (Photo by Jeff Miller / UW-Madison)

During their time in the program, iSchool PhD students are eligible for departmental funding to support conference, research travel, and/or other research related expenses.

Students can apply to the Graduate School for a Conference Presentation Award and a Travel Research Grant.

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